Get Your Roof Fixed Fast

Hire us for roof repair services in the Brunswick, OH area

If your roof starts to leak, don't wait around to schedule repairs. Even a minor leak can cause serious damage to your home. When your roof needs attention, turn to From the Grass To The Roof, LLC right away. We provide affordable roof repair services in Brunswick, OH and surrounding areas.

Our team can work on shingle, metal rubber and EPDM roofs. Need help filing a roofing claim after a severe storm? We can coordinate with your insurance provider and help you get the necessary repairs. Call 330-461-1029 today to get a free estimate on a shingle roof repair.

Know the signs of a failing roof

Not sure if you need shingle roof repairs? It might be time to schedule roofing services if:

  • Your shingles are cracked or curling
  • You can see exterior light from inside your attic
  • You have brown stains on your ceilings and walls

Don't let a leaky roof put your residential or commercial property in danger. Contact us today to arrange for roof repair services.